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The Wound Care Center of SoCal offers highly specialized care for lower extremity wounds and ulcers caused by diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, vascular disease, trauma, and complications due to other types of diseases and disorders.

The staff at the Wound Care Center of SoCal is here to make your entire experience convenient, comfortable, and-most importantly-effective. Leading our team is Dr. Jan Tepper, who-with over 45 years of podiatric experience-offers his patients a seasoned concentration in the prevention and treatment of foot wounds.

While some may include wound care in their list of services, Dr. Tepper has focused his entire practice on it. He is an expert in wound prevention and analysis, as well as biomechanics (human movement), offloading (relieving pressure on stress points), and both non-surgical and surgical wound intervention. Plus, he stays on the forefront of wound care through continued medical training every year. This singular focus on wound care puts you right where you need to be.

Don’t hesitate any longer! Call today to experience the highest level of specialized wound care and management at the Wound Care Center of SoCal.

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Don’t Let Foot Wounds Go Untreated

Ulcers on the foot may not always come with pain, but they are serious conditions that should be evaluated by a medical professional. The symptoms of ulcers may include drainage, or red, inflamed tissue. To properly diagnose and develop a treatment plan x-rays may be ordered.

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